Report all personal injuries and accidents that occur on the job to EHS. EHS may take corrective action to minimize the probability of recurrences in your lab and others. Types of injuries may include animal bites, needlesticks, cuts from broken glass, exposure to biological agents, etc. Fill out the Employee Incident Report Form and send to EHS.

Send formal reports of accidents, injuries, or occupational illnesses to students, staff, faculty and visitors while on University property, or in the course of University employment or activity, to EHS on the Industrial Commission Form 19. Report accidents resulting in death or hospitalization to the Director of EHS immediately. Report accidents resulting in lost work time to EHS (919-962-5507) as soon as practicable during regular work hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday).

It is your responsibility to notify your supervisor immediately of any job-related injury or illness. If unable to do so, a co-worker should notify your supervisor as soon as possible.

Supervisors must ensure that employees receive prompt treatment of the injury by obtaining first aid or assistance to medical treatment. If the treatment requires more than first aid, the supervisor or another person must accompany the injured person en route to treatment; do not send injured employees unescorted to seek medical attention. Take the injured employee to the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic (UEOHC) located on the second floor of 141 N. Medical Dr. Students who are also employees, such as graduate students doing research and work-study students, should go to the UEOHC to seek treatment for a work-related illness or injury. Students who do not have a work-related illness or injury should go to the UNC Campus Health Service. For severe or life-threatening injuries, go to the UNC Hospitals Emergency Room, located at the NC Neurosciences Hospital.

Figure 1.2
Campus map showing health care locations in case of injury:

  1. Campus Health Services (formerly Student Health)
  2. UNC Hospitals Emergency Department
  3. University Employee Occupational Health Clinic