If you work with hazardous chemicals, UNC will provide the opportunity for medical consultations and/or medical examinations. Complete the “Request” form, Appendix 1-C, and mail or deliver to EHS under the following circumstances:

  • You develop signs or symptoms associated with a hazardous chemical to which you might have been exposed in the laboratory
  • Exposure monitoring reveals an exposure level routinely above the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) or action level, if applicable, for an OSHA regulated substance, as prescribed by the regulations for the particular substance
  • An exposure to a hazardous chemical is likely because of a spill, leak, explosion, or other release

The UEOHC will provide you with consultation/examination as soon as practicable following notification and a written opinion to you and EHS that includes:

  • Recommendations for follow up
  • The results of the examination and any associated tests
  • Any revealed medical conditions that may place you at increased risk
  • A statement that UEOHC consulted you on medical conditions that may require further examination or treatment. The written report will not reveal medical findings unrelated to occupational exposure