The Laboratory Standard requires that your employer advise you of chemical hazards at the time of initial assignment, and whenever new exposure situations occur. This information must cover:

  • The contents of the Laboratory Standard
  • The location and availability of the chemical hygiene plan
  • The PELs of OSHA regulated substances and recommended exposure limits to non-regulated substances
  • Physical and health hazards of chemicals in the workplace
  • The signs and symptoms associated with exposures to hazardous chemicals used
  • The location and availability of known reference material, including safety data sheets (formerly material safety data sheets), on the hazards, safe handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous chemicals
  • Measures employees can take to protect themselves, including emergency procedures and personal protective equipment

EHS provides periodic safety orientations on the Laboratory Standard and general chemical safety. Laboratory Standard training is also available online, as are several other training modules. Successful completion of the Laboratory Safety/Managing Hazardous Waste course (either in person or online) is required of all laboratory employees to meet a portion of the Laboratory Standard’s training requirement.