The basic precautions for safe handling of flammable materials include the following:

  • Handle flammable substances only in areas free of ignition sources.
  • Do not heat flammable substances with an open flame. Preferred heat sources include steam baths, water baths, oil baths, heating mantles and hot air baths.
  • When you transfer flammable liquids in metal equipment, avoid static-generated sparks by bonding, and the use of ground straps.
  • Ventilation is one of the most effective ways to prevent the formation of flammable mixtures. Use an exhaust hood when you handle appreciable quantities of flammable substances (e.g. transferring between containers or in an open container, especially if you are heating it).
  • When withdrawing a flammable liquid from a drum, or filling a drum, both the drum and other equipment must be individually, electrically grounded and bonded to each other.
  • Containers of flammable liquids shall not be drawn from or filled within buildings without provisions to prevent the accumulation of flammable vapors in hazardous concentrations.