The characterization, management storage and disposal of laboratory wastes (i.e., chemical waste including hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste, radioactive or mixed waste, biohazardous and medical waste, and universal waste) is regulated and requires strict compliance with regulatory obligations.

The Principal Investigator (PI) for each laboratory has overall responsibility for managing the process of:

  • characterizing laboratory waste
  • containerizing laboratory waste
  • marking/labeling laboratory waste and,
  • managing laboratory waste in satellite accumulation

Prior to waste disposal confirmation and waste pickup by EHS, the Environmental Affairs Section of the EHS Department is responsible for managing the review and characterization of laboratory waste as well as the approval of laboratory waste disposal requests from the laboratory PI.

EHS personnel conduct the transfer of chemical wastes, radioactive wastes, and mixed wastes from laboratory satellite accumulation areas to the UNC Hazardous Materials Facility, or the Storage Facility for treatment (i.e., bulking) or package consolidation and managed storage prior to the transport to off-site treatment and disposal facilities.