DLAM operates animal housing areas, procedure rooms, and support areas in several campus buildings. DLAM facility supervisors can provide a useful orientation about the available resources and use of their facilities. In each DLAM facility, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all agents used in the animal care operation are available for review.

All DLAM facilities provide mandatory outerwear, which you must put on before entering animal housing areas or procedure rooms. Mandatory items include gloves, facemask, shoe coverings, and disposable lab coats (Figure 14.1). Most facilities also require a hair covering, and some require (and provide) disposable coveralls in place of the lab coats. This outerwear is primarily for the protection of the housed animals, but it also provides barrier protection to the wearer by preventing deposition of animal allergens onto the wearer’s clothes or hair.

Additional equipment is necessary when personnel could be exposed to zoonotic pathogens or aggressive animal behavior (Section V). Sturdy, closed-toe shoes are strongly encouraged in DLAM facilities, and are required in laboratory environments. Based on the types of research, animals, or exposure potentials, other animal housing areas might require face shields, splash goggles, respirators, fully encapsulating suits, hearing protection or other equipment. Obey all PPE postings in DLAM and satellite animal facilities. Consult with DLAM facility supervisors to determine if there are entry restrictions to particular rooms due to animal infections such as pinworms. Obey all room order postings, which help prevent personnel who have been in “dirty” areas of the facility from entering “clean” animal rooms.