Employees that have had an incident that results in occupational exposure to biohazardous agents (e.g., needlestick or cut with contaminated object, splash to mucous membranes, contact with non-intact skin, large spill, etc) must follow appropriate exposure procedures. Wash exposed skin and sites of parenteral exposure thoroughly with soap and water. Flush eyes with water at an eyewash station for 15 minutes. If exposed, flush the mouth with clean water.

Employees are to report all incidents to the UEOHC. To ensure prompt attention, University employees are to call:

  • During daytime hours (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., M-F): Call the UEOHC, 919-966-9119, for consultation and assessment.
  • For exposures to human blood or needle sticks after-hours call Healthlink, 919-966-7890, for consultation and assessment.

The employee’s supervisor must complete a Form 19, “Employer’s Report of Injury to Employee” directly following the incident. EHS will investigate the circumstances of the exposure incident, and make a report with recommendations to avoid further exposure incidents. As with all injuries, the employee must complete an Employee Accident Report Form, and the supervisor must complete a Supervisor Accident Report Form.