Demographic Data

Provide pertinent demographic information about the Principal Investigator, including position title, department, email address, after hours phone number, person responsible for safety in absence of PI, lab phone number, after hours phone number, and email address.

The after-hours number can be a home phone number, cell phone number, or pager. First responders (EHS, UNC Public Safety, and Chapel Hill Fire Department) will use it to contact the PI or the Safety Supervisor in the event of an emergency after hours or on weekends.

Employee Information and Training

The OSHA Laboratory Standard requires that supervisors advise employees of chemical hazards at the time of initial assignment and whenever new exposure situations occur. Keep a laboratory safety notebook as a reference for laboratory personnel. Indicate the location of this information in this table. The Laboratory Standard requires communicating the following information to employees:

  • Location and availability of the Chemical Hygiene Plan (Laboratory Safety Manual and Laboratory Safety Plan). These documents can be referenced online. Printed copies are not required except for the sections of the LSP that are printed and posted.
  • Location and availability of known reference material (including safety data sheets) on the hazards, safe handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous chemicals.
  • Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs) for OSHA regulated substances and recommended exposure limits for non-regulated substances.
  • Physical hazards and health hazards of chemicals in the workplace.
  • Signs and symptoms associated with exposures to hazardous chemicals used.
  • Documentation that each employee has received training from EHS on the OSHA Laboratory Standard. This information can be accessed online.
  • Documented annual review of the Laboratory Safety Plan for each person. This review is done through the online Laboratory Safety Plan.

Laboratory Personnel

Each person working in the laboratory must complete an online Laboratory/Radiation Worker Registration form (see Appendix 1-A for instructions). The data entered into the Laboratory Worker Registration form automatically updates the Personnel section of the LSP. A green check indicates that this employee works with a specific hazard (e.g. radiation, lasers, or materials of human origin). If the personnel information shown is incorrect, the online laboratory worker registration form must be updated to reflect changes.

Floor Plans

Prepare a floor plan for each laboratory room covered by the LSP, showing the location of hazardous materials (including wastes), benches, desks, laboratory hoods, fire extinguishers, spill control supplies, compressed gas cylinders, and any other items that could be of concern to emergency response personnel.