Use the Biological Hazards Registration (Schedule F) form to provide initial and annual notification of biological hazards to EHS and all lab workers who access this space. For each biohazardous reagent, first indicate its category according to:

  1. microorganism
  2. biological toxin
  3. human/primate source material (including well established cell lines)
  4. recombinant DNA

Then indicate which room(s) is (are) used for handling and/or storage.

Next, complete the series of prompts. Note that the prompts are specific for that category of material, examples include diseases/symptoms, medical surveillance, vaccination, handling practices and precautions, surface disinfection, and waste treatment. If you do not locate the organism or material that you need to register, you will need to call EHS at 919-966-5507 to request the addition of that material.

Work at or above BSL-2 requires completion of the BSL-2 checklist. BSL-2 checklist items are derived from federal, state, and local regulations and requirements. Each room designated at BSL-2 must be evaluated against these criteria. Multiple rooms may be listed on a single form.