Forms are due to Environment Health and Safety (CB #1650) by the 15th of the month.

The Schedule G is required when you are making rDNA. The top portion of the document is for administrative information including Principal Investigator name, PID number CB# etc.

As a part of the Schedule G you are required to classify your research using the link to the Classification Summary Page for NIH Guidelines.

A project title is required. You will need to identify the proteins being produced under #2.

If you click “yes” under #3 you must fill out Section III Entitled “Gene Transfer Experiments”.

Number 4 asks you to specify your containment level. Please remember if your recipient organism is human cells lines then you must classify your project as BSL2. If the vector you are using (i.e. lentiviral vector) is a BSL2 vector then you will classify your containment level as BSL2.

If you are working at BSL3 then your containment level is going to be BSL3.

Please do not forget to describe the experiment fully under #8.

When using vectors under Section III please remember to attach a map of the vector.

In order for your Schedule G to be considered for approval it the entire form must be filled out and signed.