Post laboratory areas that have special or unusual hazards with hazard information signs and labels. Standard signs and symbols exist for a number of special situations, such as radioactive materials, radiation hazards, biological hazards, fire hazards and laser operations. Other signs shall be posted to show the locations of safety showers, eyewash stations, exits and fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are to be labeled to show the type of fire for which they are intended. A green on white placard must be posted to designate emergency eyewash and shower facilities. Waste containers must be labeled for the type of waste for which they are intended. The safety- and hazard- sign systems in the laboratory should enable a person unfamiliar with the usual routine of the laboratory to escape in an emergency (or help combat it, if appropriate). The EHS Safety Labels webpage is a resource.

Laboratory entrance signs are required by regulatory agencies and are essential to safety by providing critical information to lab users, visitors, and emergency responders, alerting them to specific hazards in the respective lab. Lab entrance signs are to be posted at all entrance(s) to each functionally separate laboratory. In an open space lab design (such as seen in Genetics Medicine Research Building), each bench will have signs posted to specify the Principal Investigator and specific hazards located on that bench. EHS provides signage for laboratory entrances, based on information provided by the laboratories via the Lab Entrance Signage System webpage. Contact EHS if you have any questions or concerns about signage at entrances to or within laboratories.