Analytical instruments used with reproductive toxins must be entirely within a laboratory hood. When this is impossible, capture the vapors or aerosols produced by these instruments through local exhaust ventilation at the site of their production. When you remove a sample from the analytical instrument, place it in a tightly stoppered sample tube, or otherwise safeguarded from contaminating the laboratory. Do not use contaminated analytical equipment until it has been completely decontaminated. The following are some decontamination guidelines. Contact EHS if you have additional questions about equipment decontamination.

Safely remove, drain, or discharge chemicals from the equipment, collecting the chemicals for re-use or hazardous waste disposal. If applicable, use an inert gas or liquid to purge the chemical residues. In some cases, the rinsate might require disposal as hazardous waste. For equipment with non-permeable surfaces, decontaminate by scrubbing with warm, soapy water. For equipment that also might contain biological contamination, follow the soapy water wash with a 1:10 bleach solution soak. Rinse the equipment after at least 10 minutes contact time with the bleach.