The Laboratory/Radiation Worker Registration Form is required for all personnel who work in a laboratory environment, regardless of whether they actually handle hazardous materials.

The Form can be completed and submitted online. Follow the instructions below to fill out the form.

If you have an ONYEN and password, use these to login. If you do not have an ONYEN and password, or cannot remember it, click on the indicated field to log on with your PID and date of birth.

Registration Type

If you do not have an existing form in the system, the next screen will ask you for the type of registration sought: Laboratory Only, Laboratory and Radiation, or Radiation Only. Choose the registration option corresponding to your anticipated work within UNC laboratories or UNC Hospitals.

Registration Menu

If you already have a form in the system, you are taken to the Registration Menu screen after login.

  • Select VIEW to view and/or print your current registration information.
  • If you wish to edit the information on your current registration, select EDIT. After confirming your choice, you go to the Registration Type screen described above*.
  • To delete your current registration form, select DELETE. This places a request to EHS for deletion.
  • To enter a new registration (with a different Principal Investigator), select either TRANSFER PI or NEW REGISTRATION FORM. Both of these choices lead to the Registration Type screen*.

*Though three different fields (Edit, Transfer PI, and New Registration Form) lead to the Registration Type screen and the subsequent Demographic Information screen described below, you cannot change the Principal Investigator field in the Demographic Information screen if you choose Edit. This can only be changed by selecting Transfer PI or New Registration Form in the Registration Menu.

Demographic Information

  • Employer: Select your appropriate employer category from this list of five. You can only select one per form. If you select Contract Agency or Other, use the text box to describe this entity.
  • Department Name: This is pre-populated form the HR database and will update automatically if changes occur.
  • Campus Box Number: Use the look-up link to the right if you do not know your campus box number.
  • Phone Number: This is a contact number for your laboratory. For campus numbers, you must enter all seven digits after the area code. If your laboratory suite does not have a landline phone, you can enter a mobile phone or pager number. The default area code is 919; you must erase this if your laboratory contact number is out of the 919 area code.
  • Principal Investigator: This field cannot be changed if you selected EDIT on the Registration Menu. Select your PI from the drop-down menu. If your PI is not on this menu (or you are the PI and your name is not on this menu), contact EHS for further information. New PIs cannot be added to the EHS data system until they complete and submit a Laboratory Safety Plan (see Chapter 2 for information and instructions).

Registration Page Two

  • Supervisor is not PI: Complete these if your supervisor is not the Principal Investigator listed in the previous section.
  • Work Will Involve: Select all that apply to your work, or that could apply. Contents of this section vary, based on what option you selected (Lab Only, Lab/Rad, Rad Only) on the Registration Type screen. Use the links if you have questions about animal handlers or the requirements for bloodborne pathogen training.
  • If you work in a production laboratory or shop that produces hazardous waste, select the Hazardous Waste box at the end of the form. DO NOT select this if you work in a research laboratory.

Click on CONTINUE when finished. If you are registering as a laboratory worker only, this completes the registration.

If you are registering as a radiation worker, you will go through additional screens. These screens require you to list the radionuclides or radiation-producing equipment you will work with, your previous experience with radiation, dominant hand, and previous employment with radiation exposure.

Contact EHS at 919-962-5507 if you have any problems or questions about completing the Laboratory/Radiation Worker Registration Form.