This section has been reviewed and updated as needed: April 2014

  1. Report any injuries immediately to University Employee Occupational Health Clinic, which is located at 145 North Medical Drive and is open between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday (except holidays). If an incident occurs after-hours, call Health Link, 919-966-7890. Any and all serious injuries should be taken directly to the Emergency Department.
  2. Report any suspected exposures to the LSO and the ALU for the involved laser(s).
  3. Report any accidents or other safety-related incidents (e.g. near misses, etc.) to the LSO and ALU of the involved laser(s). A near miss is an unanticipated event that did not result in harm or injury but definitely had the potential to do so. An example is if a Class 4 laser beam was unexpectedly reflected across the front of the face of a visitor walking into the controlled area. A data base of accidents and near misses will be maintained by the LSO to be used as educational tools and lessons learned for the purpose of increasing awareness to potentially hazardous situations.