This section has been reviewed and updated as needed: April 2014

Authorized Laser User

The Authorized Laser User (ALU) is an individual directly responsible for the acquisition, use and maintenance of a particular laser/laser system. Authorized Laser Users are responsible for:

  • Notifying the Laser Safety Officer prior to the acquisition or fabrication of a new laser so that a preliminary safety review and laser inventory update can be made.
  • Ensuring that Laser Standard Operating Procedures (LSOPs), appendix A, are written for Class 3b and all Class 4 lasers and that all laser operators complete laser safety training before they are authorized to operate any laser.
  • Establishing and maintaining a current list of personnel approved to operate specific types of Class 3b or 4 lasers under their supervision and providing a copy of the list to the LSO.
  • Immediately notifying UNC-EHS in the event of a suspected overexposure to the output beam from a Class 3b or 4 laser.

Laser Operators

All personnel operating lasers must follow general laser safety training from EHS and any manufacturer’s laser-specific safety guidelines for the laser they are operating.

Laser Safety Officer

The Laser Safety Officer (LSO) is responsible for to the following:

  • Maintain records of all Class 3b and 4 lasers and laser operators.
  • Provide assistance in evaluating and controlling hazards:
    • Provide appropriate warning signs for posting
    • Provide assistance to ALU on establishing appropriate controlled areas
    • Calculate MPE and NHZ as necessary and appropriate
    • Provide guidance on proper protective eye wear
  • Provide laser safety training for new users.
  • Participate in accident investigations involving lasers.
  • Periodically audit the departmental Laser Safety Program.