Weekly Update from CVS Plaza Property Management 2/3/17

February 3, 2017

Good afternoon CPC, Management would like to report that we did not have any weather related issues this week. Please be advised, building management will be having an onsite meeting beginning at 9 a.m. Tuesday (2/7) to discuss the construction needed for repairs to the sixth floor. You may see…

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The EI Group, Inc., certified industrial hygienist, has developed the following plan to minimize any potential asbestos exposure to the sixth floor occupants of CVS Plaza.

In order to evaluate the potential exposure to asbestos fibers that could result from a ceiling tile collapse due to a precipitation event, CVS Plaza maintenance personnel will conduct a visual inspection of the entire 6th floor ceiling area by 7:45am on the morning following a projected or actual rainfall event. The National Weather Service at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) at http://www.weather.gov/rah/ will be consulted on a weekly basis for projected rainfall amounts. CVS Plaza maintenance personnel will be instructed to evaluate those ceiling tiles which are showing signs of significant water absorption via staining, bowing or other circumstances potentially leading to collapse. Once ceiling tiles which meet the criteria are identified, CVS Plaza maintenance personnel will isolate the areas and Zapolski Real Estate will utilize, at a minimum, Class 3 Asbestos Operations and Maintenance (O&M) trained personnel to remove and replace the compromised ceiling tiles.

Zapolski Real Estate will send notices via email to the entire sixth floor with information regarding the area in question as well as an announcement that the area is not to be used until licensed and trained abatement personnel can remove the tile(s). All sixth floor occupants are asked to respect all barriers and signage and to contact anyone on the “Project Contact List” should they have any questions or concerns regarding their space.

EI will conduct area air monitoring during the foregoing events to ensure that no asbestos fibers are being released. EI’s North Carolina accredited Supervising Air Monitor and Certified Industrial Hygienist will evaluate the data and make a determination of the frequency of such monitoring. The collected air samples will be analyzed by a third party analytical laboratory – EMSL Analytical, Inc. located in Morrisville, NC. Air sample results will be available within 24 hours following submission to the laboratory. Air samples will be analyzed initially by Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM). If the results of the air samples are elevated following this initial analysis, EI will have those samples analyzed by Transmission Election Microscopy (TEM) to determine if the fibers are asbestos or from some other source.

In the event of ceiling tile collapse, CVS Plaza maintenance personnel will be on standby to isolate the area and Zapolski Real Estate will utilize, at a minimum, Class 3 Asbestos Operations and Maintenance (O&M) trained personnel to clean up any debris associated with the collapse. EI will also be on standby to conduct air monitoring in the area to document any potential fiber concentrations.

Zapolski Real Estate will produce weekly status updates to faculty and staff on the sixth floor and will also provide news regarding any weather events at that time. EI will take ten air quality samples for analysis per the above testing procedures on a monthly basis in addition to any air quality testing that results from weather related issues. Results will be provided by email when they become available.

To report ceiling tiles that are water-stained, damaged or may have been overlooked following the post-precipitation evaluation, calls should be placed to any of the following individuals and we will make sure they are taken care of promptly.

Alix Guthrie
Property Manager
Phone: 919-889-2522 x5

Dan Ivey
Facilities Management
Phone: 919-698-6355

Sharon Vivens
Assistant Property Manager
Phone: 919-956-2722 x3

Alixandra Zapolski Guthrie
Zapolski Real Estate, LLC
501 Washington St., Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 919-956-2722 x5
Fax: 919-956-5063

EHS Office 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Mary Beth Koza, MBA
Director – Environment, Health & Safety
Responsible Official CDC Select Agent Program
Department of Environment, Health and Safety
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Office: 919-843-5913
Cell: 919-883-7027

Jeff Kidd
Director – Real Estate Development
Giles F. Horney Bldg., UNC Property Office
Campus Box 1060
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1060
Phone: 919-843-5252

Tom Heath
Deputy Director, Finance/Admin, CPC
Carolina Population Center
Phone: 919-962-6128

Emily Yoon
Research Project Manager
Carolina Population Center
Cell: 919-413-2673