Radiation Safety Supplies Radiation Safety Supplies

Examples of available itemsWe have a variety of recycled radiation safety supplies obtained from radioactive material laboratories throughout the UNC campus. These items can help your radiation workers maintain radiation exposure ALARA, allow you to save a few bucks, reduce waste, and support the University's mission in being good stewards of its resources and materials. If we have an item that your lab can make good use of, it is available to you free of charge.

Available items often include:

  • Plexiglass sheets
  • Work-around shields
  • Boxes and other specialty containers
  • Lead bricks and foil
  • Survey meters (available on a loaner basis)
Many of the items are custom made and are available in different shapes and sizes. Please contact the Radiation Safety Office at radiation_safety_office[at]unc.edu with a description of what you need, including any required dimensions and the nuclide(s) you will be working with or drop by the EHS Building to look at the plethora of plexiglass.

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