Network/PC/Citrix Support – Finance and Administration IT

Problems with your computer, Microsoft Office, needing to install a program on your PC, email, network login problems, space issues on your H: and I: drives, accessing Citrix, etc.: Visit the Finance and Administration IT website and click Help to submit a support ticket. You may also call 919-962-HELP or use the online chat at the Help and Support page.

Webpage Support – EHS

For problems with the EHS web pages or website (for web applications, please use the ‘Problems with Web Applications or HASMIS’ information below). Email the webmaster.

Applications Support – Information Technology Services

For problems with web applications or HASMIS, submit a ticket. Use the Log In button to log in with your onyen. Once you have logged in, click on “To begin, Click Here” and type “EHS” into the search. Then click on “Application Support” and fill out the Problem Description on the next page with your information. An example is shown below.

Links for EHS Staff