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Shipping of Infectious Substances and Other Biomedical Materials Annual Update

Welcome to UNC-CH EHS Shipping Training. The following modules are designed to review the requirements for shipping hazardous materials specifically biological materials including infectious substances, biological products, patient samples and cultures. Completion of this training involves submitting a quiz. The training certificate is valid for two years. If you have any questions in regards to this training or any other safety questions, please call Environment, Health and Safety at 919-962-5507.

Modules: click on Introduction to begin or use the links below to navigate to specific sections and pages.

Introduction Regulatory Updates
Course Objectives
Course Objectives, con't.
Regulatory Oversight
Regulatory Oversight, con't.
Definitions, con't.
Definitions, con't.
Training Requirements
Classification and Identification Dangerous Good
Category A
Category A, con't.
Category B
Category B, con't.
Biological Specimens
Patient Specimens
Biological Products
Genetically Modified Microorganisms
Infected Animals
Dangerous Goods Regulations Table
Cat. A Infectious Substance
Bio. Substance, Cat. B
Dry Ice
Biological Products
Chemical Preservatives
Packing Groups
Packing Groups, con't.
Excepted Quantities
Excepted Quantities, con't.
Package Test
Package Test, con't.
Test Form
Example Label
EQ Values
De Minimis Quantities
Packaging and Documentation Packaging
Packaging, con't.
Category B Specifications
Bio. Substance, Cat. B
Cat. B Packaging Materials
Bio. Substance Requirements
Bio. Substance Requirements, con't.
Bio. Substance Packaging
Biohazard Label
Exempt Human Specimens
Dry Ice
Dry Ice, con't.
Dry Ice, con't.
Dry Ice, con't.
Infectious Substances Cat. A
UN Certified
UN Certified, con't.
Biohazard Mailers
Inf. Substance, Cat. A
Inf. Substance, Cat. A, con't.
Inf. Substance Requirements
Inf. Substance Requirements, con't.
Effective October 1, 2014
Overpacks, con't.
Labeling Overpacks
Documentation, con't.
Form, con't.
Shipper's Declaration
Reminders, con't.
Emergency Number
SDS for Emergency Response
Emergency Response and Security Damaged Shipment
Damaged Package or Spill
Damaged Package or Spill, con't.
Damaged Package or Spill, con't.
Security Plan
Security Plan, con't.
Security Plan, con't.
Security Plan, con't.
Security Plan, con't.
Other Requirements Materials Contact
Other Requirements
Vapor Shipper
Vapor Shipper, con't.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5
Example 6

After Completion: remember that you must take and pass the post test in order to receive credit for this training.