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UNC-CH established a cross institutional team from ITS, Campus Safety and Risk Management, University Counsel, and Finance and Administration in 2016 to review the options for cyber liability insurance.

The Data Breach/Cyber Liability policy would cover losses associated with cyber issues: hacking; loss of personal information of UNC students and employees or anyone else with information connected to our computers; loss of UNC network due to failure or loss of use; crisis management coverage which would include notification of affected individuals; credit monitoring and call center; retention of forensic experts to determine the cause of the breach along with assistance to determine the financial cost associated with business income loss and data loss; services to provide assistance with data and system restoration; public relations management and response, and legal assistance and vulnerability testing of our security systems.

The challenge of completing the application was the decentralized design of our University. The team’s diversity supported its review of insurance products and the completion of an application on a global basis. Members of the team included Susan Kellogg, Micki Jernigan, Kevin Lanning, Derek Kemp, Mary Beth Koza, Will Tricomi, Joe Deem, Lee Bollinger, DeAhn Baucom, Jon Manlove, Brook O’Neal and Robin Bennington.


  • Presented to the College of Arts and Sciences Business Managers – University Insurance Program. (Level Two)
  • Presented at The University of North Carolina System Auditors Conference – Employee Dishonesty Coverage. (Level Two)
  • University Risk Management and Insurance Association National Conference Speaker: Ask A Risk Manager – Round Table Presentation. (Level Two)
  • Presided as State Director North Carolina Association of Insurance Professionals state affiliate of International Association of Insurance Professionals. (Level One)
  • Quoted New Business Lines of Coverage for UNC-Chapel Hill: Cyber Liability, SHAC -Student Health Action Coalition Liability, Student Organizations Liability. (Level One)
  • Provided training for Office of Sponsored Research: Clinical Trials Coverage and Leased Business Equipment. (Level One)

Customer Service

  • Renewed automobile liability and other optional physical damage coverage for 1337 vehicles which includes self-propelled mobile equipment.
  • Managed 60 automobile claims. (Level Three)
  • Uploaded 1317 rosters of approximately 4586 participants in the Study Abroad/Business Travel Program – Outbound group. (Level Three)
  • Uploaded 236 rosters of approximately 539 J1 participants and dependents in the International Scholars Program – Inbound group. (Level Three)
  • Renewed Property Insurance Coverage which includes $6,644,184,133 in building and content values. (Level Two)
  • Renewed All Risk coverage which includes $13,306,353 in values. (Level Two)
  • Settled or managed various property claims: Fine Arts (1); Inland Marine/Miscellaneous Property (2); Vandalism (2); Fire (5); Lightning Damage (3); Water Damage (2); Theft (2); Ice Damage (1); Sick Camper (1); Sewer Backup (1); and Windstorm (1). (Level Two)
  • Assisted in revision of Facility Use Agreements for Property Office. (Level One)
  • Onsite evaluation of Outdoor Education Facility with recommendations for contractual transfer of liability. (Level One)
  • Participated in Property Insurance Inspections of 7 research buildings and Appraisal Inspections for Marsico and Taylor. (Level One)