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Biological Safety

“Erika England and Jessica Poole have been absolutely wonderful over the past year. The BL3 laboratory managers are very lucky to have the opportunity to work with both of these outstanding ladies. Each one is a credit to EHS and both of them go out of their way on a daily basis to assist with all of the needs and requirements for working with select agent pathogens in a high containment level laboratory. The last surprise CDC inspection would have been impossible without their dedication and support and I was extremely impressed by how both women conducted themselves during their first inspection. We are really grateful for all that you do for us!”

— Amy Sims PhD, Research Associate Professor, Manager of the Baric BSL3 facilities

Chemical Safety

“Chem 550L is a synthetic chemistry lab taken by our BA and BS chemistry majors.  This is the first synthetic laboratory in which students have input into experimental design. Cathy Brennan gives one of the first lectures of the semester in the accompanying recitation on hazard identification and risk assessment, which includes a presentation on reading Safety Data Sheets. This lecture primes our students for taking into account the appropriate factors in carrying out lab work safely for the semester and is a valuable contribution to the course.”

— Cindy Schauer, Associate Professor, Chemistry: Inorganic, Energy, and Computational

Environmental Affairs

“The UNC Athletic Department extends its thanks to the EHS department director and staff for their assistance in keeping Kenan Stadium environmentally safe. During the last several months an EHS employee spent many hours trying to track down several problems at Kenan Stadium. She was able to track the sources and gave us numerous ideas of how to stop the problem. Over a period of several months she arranged for meetings with our staff as well as subcontractors to train them on proper ways to clean and be environmentally safe. Her dedication to our university is very strong and her willingness to train our staff is very much appreciated. Thank you all for what you do.”

— James Spurling, Director of Kenan Stadium & Kenan Football Center

Fire Safety & Emergency Response

“PlayMakers Repertory Company and the department of Dramatic Art have been using the online Hot Work permit system since the fall of 2016. Our Technical Director, Adam Maxfield, thinks it is working great. It is much more convenient. Most of the time for us, it is a change in schedule or a last minute change in build and load in that we need the hot work permit. This is allowing us to submit in the shortest amount of time while keeping the EHS department informed. We also like the feature of getting the reminder notice asking if the work has been completed.”

— Michael Rolleri, Associate Professor of Technical Production, Production Manager, PlayMakers Repertory Company

Occupational & Environmental Hygiene

“UNC-TV has undergone many changes in the past few years and one of the best has been our partnership with UNC EHS. Their expertise and guidance has given us new confidence and greater compliance in our health and safety programs. We are excited to continue to work with them as we fine tune our Hazards Management Plan and conduct more trainings for staff. We’re also excited to help them with their implementation of the RF safety program.”

— Anne Schwarz, Human Resources Manager, UNC-TV – Public Media North Carolina

Radiation Safety

“In 2016, UNCH’s Imaging Services had the opportunity to participate in a number of regulatory surveys.These surveys were planned and/or unannounced visits for the department, but with each event, I had full confidence that we were prepared. It is with the hard work and efforts of our Imaging Services staff as well as the collaborative efforts of the Radiation Safety Office that we operate in a constant state of preparedness. While each survey presented unique challenges based on either the expansiveness of the survey, the area that needs to be surveyed, or by the number of inspectors, our RSO staff is prepared. It is refreshing to hear at the closing remarks of a survey that the work and the efforts are recognized as a “Best Practice.”

— Todd Smiley, Director of Imaging Service, UNC Medical Center

University Employee Occupational Health Clinic (UEOHC)

“As a nursing student, the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic provided a unique and enriching learning experience. My clinical time allowed me to practice and master many hands-on skills, but more importantly, it fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse population and their specific needs. Throughout my experience, I acquired many valuable clinical and thinking skills that will translate to my future practice of health promotion and prevention. Overall, I believe the clinic provided a comprehensive and exceptional public health learning environment for nursing students.”

— Marcia Prince, Fourth year BSN student, UNC School of Nursing

Workplace Safety

“On behalf of the exterior shop I would like to thank Workplace Safety for all of their help and support in the past year on many fall protection issues and safety hazards. Workplace Safety has played a major role in helping us get fall protection installed and replacing the dangerous stairs at the Med wings. Keeping our team safe is always top priority and we can always count on Workplace Safety.”

— Josh Pates, Lead Roofer, Facilities Services

Risk Management

“Risk Management has always been a good partner to my staff and me when we work on projects involving financial improprieties. The Risk Management staff is knowledgeable about insurance coverage and requirements of filing claims. They consistently give thoughtful, sound advice.”

— Phyllis Petree, Chief Audit Officer, Internal Audit Department