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Biological Safety

  • Trained 1,086 researchers in basic principles of conducting research at BSL-2, such as proper technique and waste handling and trained 191 researchers in enhanced BSL-2 procedures.
  • Certified 437 campus biological safety cabinets ensuring safety of product, personnel and environmental protection.
  • Reviewed and approved 502 Laboratory Safety Plans’ Schedule F (Biological Hazards).
  • Reviewed and approved 223 Laboratory Safety Plans’ Schedule G (Recombinant or Synthetic DNA).

Chemical and Laboratory Safety

  • Trained 1,971 new laboratory employees on Laboratory Environment through online self-study.
  • Reviewed 663 new and/or updated laboratory safety plans and reviewed deficiencies with principal investigators and safety supervisors, ensuring compliance with the University’s Chemical Hygiene Plan.
  • Inspected 1,103 chemical fume hoods and submitted 50 Facilities Services repair requests for fume hoods.
  • Uploaded 413 chemical inventories into online system and reviewed 380 annual inventory updates as part of Chemical Hygiene Plan compliance.

Environmental Affairs

  • Trained 1,971 employees on Managing Laboratory Generated Hazardous Waste through orientation safety online training.
  • Conducted 11,427 waste pickups of 51,534 kg of hazardous waste and 40,152 kg of non-hazardous solid waste from University generators.
  • Shipped 114,424 kg of waste from the UNC-CH TSDF to an offsite vendor TSDF for treatment and disposal.
  • Aided with controlled substances drug disposal on campus which included 17 visits by DHHS Drug Control Unit for 28 lab visits/inspections.

Fire Safety & Emergency Response

  • Trained 1,226 students and staff on fire safety and fire extinguisher use.
  • Provided fire safety coverage to seven home football games, 15 home men’s basketball games and the men’s basketball national semifinal and championship game events at the Smith Center.
  • Inspected 7,000 campus fire extinguishers.
  • Investigated and documented 231 false fire alarms during calendar year 2017, a decrease of 2% from 2016.

Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

  • Trained 586 Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Design and Construction Services employees in asbestos awareness through online and in-class training.
  • Coordinated mobile hearing tests for 227 employees enrolled in the Hearing Conservation Program, saving $5.5K for the tested departments.
  • Trained 514 employees enrolled in the Hearing Conservation Program on Occupational Noise Safety through in-class and online training
  • Trained 269 employees from Facilities Services, Energy Services and UNC-CH Police on confined space via in-class and online training.

Radiation Safety

  • Administered radiation safety training courses to 2,082 persons and non-ionizing radiation safety training to 631 persons.
  • Provided 593 collaborative laboratory inspections.
  • Inspected and tested 206 X-ray tubes.
  • Hosted eight Nuclear Medicine Technology students for two-week rotations through radiation safety as part of the NMT didactic program.

University Employee Occupational Health Clinic

  • Provided occupational health medical services for 4,284 employees.
  • Fit-tested and provided consultative services for 555 individuals under the University’s Respiratory Protection program.
  • Reviewed 1,107 IACUC Animal Handler Symptom reviews.
  • Precepted senior nursing student from the Accelerated BSN program.

Workplace Safety

  • Trained/Number of Employees: Respiratory Protection/1,323; EHS Office, Clinic, IMAC, SS, Student Affairs/4,516; Joint Commission/4,233; Clinical Tuberculosis Infection Control/6,425; Clinical Bloodborne Pathogens/6,205; Ergonomic Self-Evaluations/ 44.
  • Processed and managed 492 workers’ compensation claims with medical treatment, return to work, hearings/mediations and monthly expenditures.
  • Conducted on-site inspections of 164 Hazards Management Plan (HMP) for numerous campus units and entered HMPs for work unit in the on-line HMP system.
  • Investigated 77 incidents on campus for falls, equipment, PPE, materials handling, strains and stuck in/between objects.