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Biological Safety

“Jessica Poole, Erika England and Garry Coulson have worked tirelessly in support of the University’s high containment labs. This trio supports the Biological Safety Program with a wide knowledge base and much experience. All three remain cool, calm and collected under pressure, are knowledgeable about the high containment lab program as well as CDC and Select Agent regulations. They are committed to and highly supportive of the program. The dedication of these individuals allows the high containment laboratory community to do high caliber research safely. Thank you for all that you do!”

— Sharon Taft-Benz, Senior Scientist, Manager of Heise BSL3 Lab

Chemical Safety

Katie Musgrove“The Natural Products Research Laboratories (NPRL) within the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy is a synthetic medicinal chemistry lab space dedicated to rational drug discovery. NPRL has a very diverse and expansive chemical reagent inventory that was very disorganized and chaotic. EHS gave invaluable assistance in our reorganization and evaluation of our current inventory system. They have helped us implement a streamlined and effective chemical inventory utilizing distinct chemical storage groups for safe storage practices. We truly appreciate their thoughtful input and collaboration throughout the reorganization process and could not have done it without them. Thank you!”

— Katie Musgrove, Program Administrator, Natural Products Research Laboratories

Environmental Affairs

“The UNC Environmental Affairs Office has gone above and beyond expectations in support of the UNC Property Office on a variety of projects. EHS has partnered with our team on a wide range of requests and has provided excellent customer service. Our partnership has included demolishing an old research building, conducting Phase 1 environmental reports on commercial and residential properties, conducting materials testing to confirm whether hazardous materials are present and evaluating entrepreneurial start-up lab safety plans. Our interactions are always professional, educational and enjoyable. We greatly appreciate what they do for us and look forward to continuing our relationship.”

— Theo Sullivan, Property Manager, UNC Property Office

Fire Safety & Emergency Response

“Chapel Hill Fire Department continues to appreciate the collaboration with EHS Fire Safety. We use the Knox box system on campus to quickly enter locked portions of campus properties. The design of the system and location of the boxes assists us in providing for a quick resolve to situations we respond to. We would also like to thank EHS Fire Safety for facilitating training for our personnel in the limited access laboratories. Feedback from the crews was that the training was well thought out and realistic and a very positive training experience. We look forward to continued collaboration.”

— Jeff Cabe, Assistant Chief, Operations Division, Fire Department, Town of Chapel Hill

Radiation Safety

Bruce Crowell“The radiation section at the University has always been a great resource, providing prompt response to my questions. Your organization has provided annual calibration services for the past two years that typically consume a half-day of your resources. You have also provided technical consultative services to help with hazard review and management for planning for the use of a new radiation producing device. Thank you!”

— Bruce Crowell, CIH, CSP, LEED AP, Research Safety Manager, UNC-Charlotte

University Employee Occupational Health Clinic (UEOHC)

Marty Folliard“I am fortunate to have worked with EHS staff from many different sections. From Risk Management, to the nurses and support staff in the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic, to administrators in Workplace Safety, EHS staff have always gone above and beyond in ensuring that the School of Dentistry’s employees are adequately protected from the risks they may face in a health care setting. I have been especially impressed by EHS’s willingness to work with our School on a project to develop a more robust portal to track workplace training requirements. We have struggled to have a platform capable of tracking all our School-level trainings, and EHS was kind enough to offer their resources and IT staff to accommodate our School’s needs using their portal. When the portal is finalized, our employees will be able to track all their workplace training requirements in a single place and receive automated reminders when they are due. We are excited to continue this collaboration and hope to launch soon.”

— Marty Folliard, UNC School of Dentistry, Director of Risk Management

Risk Management

“This University is rich in resources for faculty, staff and students. One of those critical resources that is far too often overlooked is the office of Risk Management and Business Continuity. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in all matters related to risk, insurance and managing both. They are consummate professionals who offer expertise and exemplary customer service. As Assistant Dean for Student Affairs in the School of Nursing, I work closely with two members of this department: Robin Bennington and Janet Hoernke. I cannot imagine attempting to navigate the challenges of professional liability and travel insurance coverage without their guidance. They go above and beyond to assist with both routine coverage processing as well as researching the unusual situations that arise when dealing with students utilizing more than 600 clinical agencies and travelling all over the globe. This department is truly invaluable to the University.”

— Katherine (Kathy) Moore, MSN, RN, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety provides constant reliable support to our Facilities Services projects. Their knowledge of applicable safety codes and regulations, and their willingness to share it in a constructive way, really elevates the quality of our projects. From bringing a keen eye to scoping and design review, to advocating for safety project funding, to keeping our employees and contractors safe, Workplace Safety is a huge asset to the University.”

— Sarah Millsaps Towles, PE, Assistant Director of Engineering Services, Facilities Engineering