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Are You Tar Heel Mission Ready?

In compliance with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Continuity Planning/Tar Heel Mission Ready Planning, all university departments are required to prepare and maintain a current plan of action for unexpected events which may disrupt their normal operations. Risk Management has purchased the Continuity of Operations planning software – Tar Heel Mission Ready to assist in the planning process.

What is Continuity of Operations?

Continuity of operations, or mission continuity, is the practice of planning for interruptions in order to provide maximum possible service levels.


Eliminate or reduce the impact of a disaster before a disaster occurs in order to provide a safe and healthy learning environment.

What is Tar Heel Mission Ready?

Tar Heel Mission Ready is user-friendly software created specifically for higher education. Tar Heel Mission Ready allows the creation, storage, and updating of departmental plans outside the UNC network. The software walks a user through the planning process, including identifying critical functions, analyzing the impact of disruption to those functions, identifying departmental dependencies, documenting key resources, uploading pertinent documents like call trees, generating action items, analyzing information technology resilience and managing a plan over time.

How Do I Create a Plan?

To get started, please complete the User Registration Form. Once an account has been created and access to your plan granted by the Risk Management team, a notification email will be sent with additional instructions. Tar Heel Mission Ready is accessible via Onyen login. The Risk Management team is available to walk departments through the process.

Campus Dashboard

The mission continuity project began in early October with software configuration and a subsequent rollout to the campus community. Two plans have been completed, and eight more are in progress.

Performance measurement is a critical part of the EHS management system. Education, customer service and internal processes are the three most essential components of our work. The chart below indicates the performance in these areas over a five-year period with Level Four representing optimum performance. The adjacent tab shows the specific performance activities and the level of that performance for 2018.

Components, Years and Level Completed
Education Customer Service Internal Processes
2018 2018 2018
2 3 4


  • Presented at the Study Abroad Office Pre-Departure Conference for Summer and Fall semester students.
  • Meeting with the School of Pharmacy Executive Assistants at their monthly luncheon meeting to discuss travel procedures.
  • Meeting with Property Office employees to discuss property options available and flood insurance.
  • Meeting with Arts and Humanities Institute to discuss property insurance options available.
  • Meeting with School of Nursing to discuss Tar Heel Mission Ready.

Customer Service

  • Renewed automobile liability and other optional physical damage coverage for 1,343 vehicles which includes self-propelled mobile equipment.
  • Managed 105 automobile claims.
  • Uploaded 1,665 rosters of approximately 4,973 participants in the Study Abroad/Business Travel Program – Outbound group.
  • Uploaded 34 rosters of approximately 131 J1 participants and dependents in the International Scholars Program – Inbound group.
  • Renewed Property Insurance coverage which includes $5,569,082,493 in building value and $1,212,885,894 content values. TIV $6,781,968,387.
  • Renewed All Risk coverage which includes values of $15,212,504 for Computers and Miscellaneous Equipment.
  • Renewed Professional Liability for 14 Schools and individuals.
  • Settled or managed various property claims: Property Damage caused by third party (2), Damage caused by Vehicle (18); Vandalism (7), Fire (7), Water Damage (4), Theft (6), Student Blanket Professional Liability (2), Employee Dishonesty (1), Wind (4), Sprinkler (1); Inland Marine Property Damage (3), Cyber (1); Power Surge (1); Transformer (1).

Internal Processes

  • Ongoing Group meetings with Workers Compensation, University Counsel and Risk Management to address out-of-state employees.
  • Collaborative Meetings with Emergency Management for Hurricane Florence claims.
  • Attended quarterly meetings with Hazards Management Committee.
  • Meeting with Pathology and University Counsel to discuss professional/general liability insurance for dual degree students.
  • Athletic Accident Renewal Meeting IIANC, Cary, NC.
  • Project Team Meetings for Mission Continuity software “Tar Heel Mission Ready.”
  • Meeting with various departments for Tar Heel Mission Ready training.
  • Meeting with Accounts Payable to discuss their updated vendor controls that positively effect cyber liability exposure.
  • Meeting with Facilities and NorthStar to discuss recovery options available to the University.
  • Toured University Development newly renovated offices on Franklin Street.
  • Property Insurance Appraisals performed on the Dean E. Smith Center and Koury Natatorium.
  • AIG Property Insurance Inspection of Wilson Library.
  • Study Abroad and International Renewal Meeting with IIANC.