Secure Laboratory Authorization

When instructed by the Department of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), new laboratory personnel should follow this procedure for access to a secure laboratory:

  1. The Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator must contact the EHS Director or the Biological Safety Officer to request authorization of your access to the secure laboratory.
  2. EHS will send an amendment to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC will contact EHS with a Unique Identifiying Number (UIN) assigned to the new person. EHS will notify you of your assigned UIN.
  3. As of May 8, 2016, a photograph will be required along with the FD-961 form. See page 4 of the FD-961 for photo specifications. Contact the Biological Safety Officer for any questions.
  4. Complete the form FD-961, writing your assigned identifier number into Section 2, Block 4. Please do not leave any blanks for questions 4-16, answer “none” or “not applicable” if they do not apply. See the FBI’s page on the Bioterrorism Security Risk Assessment Form for more instructions. Contact the Biological Safety Officer to request initials and signature on the form.
  5. Contact UNC Police at 919-962-8100 to ensure staffing is available for fingerprinting services during their scheduled times. Please make sure to inform them that this is for the Select Agent Program. Bring your completed FD-961 to the appointment, and ask the officer to complete two fingerprint cards for you. UNC Police will send FD-961 and the two fingerprint cards to the FBI. Please bring the following information with you:
    • Department Name and Number
    • Department Rep
    • Phone Number
    • Account Number to be Debited
    • Object Code (if there is one)

    *If DPS is unable to accommodate you within a day or two, please contact the Biological Safety Section at 919-962-5507.

  6. Complete a Medical School Planning Office Card Access Authorization Form OR a One Card Access Authorization Form, depending on the card system used by the laboratory. This form must be signed by the Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator. The Biological Safety Officer will authorize card access after receiving FBI approval, provided that all other safety training and occupational health requirements have been met.
  7. To access the inventory system, the Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator must send a request to the Biological Safety Officer with:
    1. your full name
    2. your email address
    3. your Onyen (not your password)

Chapter 20 (UNC’s Select Agent Security Plan) together with the rest of UNC’s Biological Safety Manual and the laboratory-specific Standard Operating Procedure, is UNC’s Biosafety Plan required under the Select Agent Regulations. Chapter 20 and UNC’s Biological Safety Manual incorporates by reference the current edition of the CDC/NIH’s Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories.

Please call the UNC Biological Safety Officer at 919-962-5507 if you have any questions.