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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a robust research safety program in place and is committed to excellence in research. Excellence in research safety requires ongoing vigilance and we welcome this opportunity for us to evaluate and improve on our current efforts.

We are asking every Principal Investigator or Safety Supervisor of a laboratory with a Laboratory Safety Plan to complete a freezer location inventory form by January 5, 2015. This action will provide a record of all freezers on campus and what types of materials are being stored. This information will then be uploaded and maintained in your Laboratory Safety Plan.

Please ensure your lab-specific training is specific to the hazards and procedures in your group. EHS is requesting feedback on training recommendations.

You can view a sample of the freezer inventory form to assist in your completion of the project.

If you have completed this survey, thank you and if you need to completed it the EHS Department appreciates your efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which freezers must be inventoried?
-80°C, -20°C, 0°C, and Liquid Nitrogen Dewars freezers should be inventoried.
Does my refrigerator with a freezer need to be inventoried?
What if I do not have an UNC decal number?
Please use the freezer’s serial number or unique identifier.
What is a “legacy freezer”?
A “legacy freezer” is one that was inherited or passed down, whether in use or unused, and may contain agents that were not originally acquired by the lab. It could be a freezer which is in a different location from the lab.