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As of June 1, 2008, all UNC laboratories are required to collect biohazard waste in the red-colored outer containers.

This requirement is in addition to the current policy requirement that biohazard waste containers:

  1. Must be durable
  2. Leak-proof
  3. Have a lid
  4. Are clearly labeled

This policy also puts a maximum limit on the size of a biohazard waste container at 15-gallons (57-L).

To review contaminated sharps collection requirements on campus, visit the Biohazard Waste Collection Methods section of the Biological Waste Disposal Policy.

You may review the biohazard waste containers available through Fishersci. However, EHS has located economical alternatives to help ease the cost associated with replacing waste containers to meet the new standard.

UNC Biohazard Waste Management General Links