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This committee focuses on Occupational Health services for University personnel and the emerging issues of health and safety for employees working in the clinic environment. The Clinic work environment is primarily characterized by activities involving patient contact and exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials. The Clinic Environment frequently has additional health and safety requirements imposed by accreditation organizations, e.g., Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, JCAHO.

Clinic Committee Members
Committee Member Department
James Hawkins Chair, Occupational Health and Clinical Safety Committee
HR Data/Reporting Manager, Medicine Administration
Jaime Adams UNC Department of Family Medicine
Human Resources Specialist
Jamont Beatty UNC Department of Allied Health Sciences
Student Services Specialist/Clinical Contacts Coordinator
Debi Bergman Environment Health and Safety, liaison
Workers’ Compensation Administrator, Clinical Hygienist
Myrna Borun University Employee Occupational Health Clinic, liaison
UNC Occupational Health Nurse
Bennie Burton, Sr. Facilities/Building Services
Facility Maintenance Technician
Mary Crabtree Environment Health and Safety, liaison
Workplace Safety Manager
Valerie Glassman UNC School of Nursing
Interim Director, Clinical Support Division
Dr. James Hill University Employee Occupational Health Clinic, liaison
Medical Director, Occupational Health
Associate Professor, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Ryan Meehan Campus Health Services
Environment of Care Manager
John Sledge UNC School of Medicine
Clinical Team Lead
Vacant Director of Care
Adam School of Dentistry
Vacant UNC Department of Psychiatry
Clinical Occupational Exposure Subcommittee for Students
Committee Member Department
Meg Beal Physician’s Assistant Program
Susan Beck Allied Health Sciences
Jennie Brame Dental Ecology
Catherine Brennan Environment, Health and Safety
Alan Brown AHEC
Michelle Camarena Campus Health Services
Thevy Chai Campus Health Services
Ann Chelminski Campus Health Services
Andrew Clapper Pharmacy
Kayla Conley Allied Health Sciences
Susan Coppola Occupational Therapy
Georgette Dent Medicine
Marty Folliard Dentistry
Melody Gibson Campus Health Services
James Hill Medicine
Bernice Mayo Medicine
Dana McCarty Physical Therapy
Kathy Moore Nursing
Martha Mundy Audiology
Andrew Murrell Nursing
Joy Renner Radiologic Science
Wendy Ross Allied Health Sciences
John Schimmelfing Campus Health Services
Judy Schmidt Rehab & Mental Health Counseling
Hannah Siburt Audiology
Elizabeth Steadman Medicine
Laine Stewart Allied Health Sciences
Annetta Streater Dentistry
Mercedes Tolbert Pharmacy (Asheville)
Sandra Void Laboratory Science
Jessica Ward Nursing
David Weber UNC Hospitals
Peggy Wilmoth Nursing
Brad Wingo Pharmacy