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At UNC-Chapel Hill, chemical disposal is easy. It is against most State and Federal regulations to dispose of chemicals down the drain, so we advise you to send all waste chemicals in for disposal. Please use the online application provided for the submission of chemical and radioactive waste. The online system has streamlined the process and made it more efficient for waste pickup, and data management. If you still have paper copies of the 510 form, they can still be utilized, however they are now being phased out. Please be aware that you will need a valid Onyen and password to use the system. Also, you must have passed the applicable training classes and sent in the Lab/Radiation Worker’s Registration form. Use the following links to ensure you have these requirements:

Training Classes

Most of these training courses may be taken online:

Online Waste Pickup Tutorials

The following tutorials are in Microsoft PowerPoint format; the procedure file is Adobe Acrobat format: