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Lead has been linked to health effects in humans, particularly children, and can contaminate soil and ground water. Even lead free solder can still contain up to ten percent lead. Discarded lead solder and solder dross are hazardous wastes and should be managed as such.


  • Properly manage discarded solder and dross by placing the material in a container with a lid. Label the container as “Lead Solder Waste for Recycling.”
  • Keep the lid on and closed unless adding material.
  • Manage rags that have been used to wipe solder spills as hazardous waste.
  • Use solder made from less hazardous materials, such as silver and nickel, whenever possible.
  • Request the pickup of your containers of solder and dross waste.


  • Do Not place lead solder and dross in the garbage.
  • Do Not place rags used for wiping lead solder spills in the garbage.