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Spent parts washer solvents normally represent the largest waste source of vehicle repair shops. Spent parts washer solvents can be a hazardous waste but non-hazardous aqueous solvents for parts washers are now the norm. Avoid contamination of parts washer solvents with other hazardous wastes such as degreasers, brake cleaners, etc.


  • Utilize the services of a reputable waste hauler.
  • Call EHS for help in determining if the sludge and spent solvents are hazardous.
  • If you have not already done so, consider switching to a water based parts washer that does not use petroleum-based solvents.
  • Keep accurate records of spent solvent shipments and disposal for a minimum of five years.


  • Do Not dispose of spent parts washer solvents by pouring them on the ground or into drains, or by evaporating them in the air.
  • Do Not mix parts washer solvents with any other wastes, including used oil.
  • Do Not use aerosol spray cans near your parts washer.