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Used oil filters must be thoroughly hot-drained of all oil prior to disposal. Hot-draining generally means draining oil close to or at engine temperature. Oil filters must be gravity hotdrained by one of the following methods:

  1. Puncture the filter anti-drainback valve or the filter dome end and hot drain for 12-24 hours;
  2. Hot drain and crush; or
  3. Dismantle and hot-drain.

Filters that have been gravity hot-drained by one of these methods can then be placed in the trash.


  • Hot-drain, crush, split, and/or process oil filters by other means to remove the oil from the filter.
  • Keep processed filters in a separate container labeled “Used Oil Filters.”
  • Put oil drained from filters into your used oil container.


  • Do Not put undrained filters into the trash.
  • Do Not put terne plated (an alloy of tin and lead) oil filters in the dumpster. They are considered hazardous waste due to the lead content.