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Resident Advisor Fire Safety Video

Written, filmed, and produced on campus by UNC Resident Advisors for Resident Advisors.

Thanks to the work of Fire Safety Professional Kitty Lynn, the Fire Safety Section of the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) department recently received a second FEMA grant for a grand total of $440,086 in three years in order to purchase and install safety devices on more than 1,000 electric, gas, and glass top stoves, and 416 microwaves in 71 residence halls on campus.

Within the 2010 FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Award grant was a training component which allowed EHS to fund film production of UNC students reenacting the most frequent campus fire alarm activations. UNC Resident Advisors and the Chapel Hill Fire Department collaborated in the creation of the films along with local filmmaker Todd Tinkham of Tinkham Productions.

These reenactments can provide students with a “real-time” sense of the problems that can create a dangerous fire situation on campus.

Our goal is for our students to communicate the importance of fire safety especially in residence halls, a vulnerable area to many students who are away from home and using kitchens for the first time.