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The UNC Envrionment, Health and Safety Department offers training for persons involved in shipping and receiving hazardous materials. Complex federal regulations must be followed when hazardous materials are transported in commerce. The activities for which certification is required include: preparing shipping papers, loading and unloading trucks, marking and laveling packages, filling packages, and supervising these activities. Seemingly minor technical violations can result in major fines while more serious violations can endanger the public. Recent events have led to greater scrutiny for compliance with these regulations and a commitment by the UNC-CH administration to train, test, and certify employees, as required by law.

EHS provides training and certification for shipping chemicals, infectious substances and other biological materials with an emphasis on laboratories and research groups. Among the topics covered are: classification, regulatory definitions of infectious substance, diagnostic specimen, biologic product, and exempt human specimens; use of the Hazardous Materials Table to find the proper shipping name and packaging instructions; requirements for shipping biologicals with dry ice or liquid nitrogen; correctly filling out the shipping documentation; and additional federal permits that may be required. Attendees who complete the quiz will receive a certificate showing compliance with the DOT/IATA training requirement.