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Welcome to the EHS page for new principal investigators! Whether you are new to the university or have recently become a principal investigator after previous work here, we are sure that you are eager to begin contributing your work and ideas to one of the nation’s top public research universities. We understand that achieving compliance while beginning your research can seem overwhelming, and we hope that the information and links on this page will help you get started.

Remember, health and safety is always a team effort. Together, we strive to make UNC-Chapel Hill a safe and healthy place to teach, learn and serve.

Fill Out Your Worker Registration Form

The Laboratory/Radiation Worker Registration Form is required for all personnel who work in a laboratory environment, regardless of whether they actually handle hazardous materials. Please make sure that all laboratory workers have completed this form and selected the appropriate Principal Investigator. As the PI, please select your own name from the drop down menu on the form.

Complete Appropriate Trainings

The Training Section of the Environment, Health and Safety Department’s website provides many training classes that are offered online, as well as information for classes that are instructor-led and the ability to look up your training history.

This matrix illustrates some of the requirements for specific work environments. Please note this matrix is not inclusive of all training and medical surveillance.

Create a Laboratory Safety Plan

The Laboratory Safety Plan is submitted, updated and viewed online using your Onyen. The online Laboratory Safety Plan includes Schedule A: Laboratory Project Information and the following Schedules if applicable to your laboratory (Schedule B: Hazardous Chemicals, Schedule C: Radioactive Materials, Schedule D: X-Ray Equipment, Schedule E: Lasers, Schedule F: Biological Hazards, Schedule G: Recombinant DNA Experiments, and Schedule H: Use of Transgenic Animals or Plants). Please note that the Schedule B incorporates an online Chemical Inventory System (more information below) to ensure compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies.

Utilize the Chemical Inventory System

A comprehensive chemical inventory is a component of the lab safety plan and must be updated annually. Chemicals to be included are any hazardous chemicals (flammables, combustibles, corrosives, toxics and highly toxics, carcinogens, reactives, reproductive toxins and compressed gases) that are in storage or use in your laboratory. It is imperative that inventories are up to date in case of fire, chemical spills or other emergencies.

Order Laboratory Entrance Signs

Laboratory entrance signs are required by regulatory agencies and are essential to safety by providing critical information to lab users, visitors, and emergency responders, alerting them to specific hazards in the respective lab. Lab entrance signs are to be posted at all entrances to each functionally separate laboratory. In an open space lab design (such as seen in Genetics Medicine Research Building), each bench will have signs posted to specify the Principal Investigator and specific hazards located on that bench.

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