This section has been reviewed and updated as needed: June 2014

The Environment, Health and Safety Manual describes environment, health and safety policies and procedures that have been approved and implemented at the University. These procedures are to be followed by all University faculty and staff, whether full-time, part-time, or temporary. Training sessions are provided to familiarize HR Facilitators and supervisors with the University’s Environment, Health and Safety Manual.
This manual describes University policies and procedures for the use of radioactive materials and radiation-producing devices. It is available on the EHS website and is required to be present and available to employees who work with radioactive materials or radiation-producing devices.
This manual contains policies, procedures, and safety practices for laboratories. The manual constitutes the University’s Chemical Hygiene Plan and is required to be present and available in laboratories using hazardous materials. It is available on the EHS website.
This manual contains information on hazards associated with biological materials, recommended safe practices for use of these materials, and policies and procedures for decontamination and disposal of biological materials. It is available on the EHS website.
Website: Environment, Health and Safety website which provides general information, OSHA Log, Self Instructional Training, Training Schedules, Employee Training History, Manuals, etc.

Newsletters: Environment, Health and Safety newsletter is published and circulated quarterly.

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