This section has been reviewed and updated as needed: April 2014

Maintaining a safe and healthful environment is the responsibility of all employees. To augment the inspection efforts of environment, health and safety committees and the Environment, Health and Safety Office, each work unit is required to perform a self-inspection annually.
Checklists have been prepared to assist WUHSLs and other personnel in conducting inspections of their workplaces. Although many of the items on the checklists may seem trite, the fact remains that if these simple rules had been observed by all UNC-CH employees, many accidents and workers’ compensation claims would be avoided each year.

The checklists are not all-inclusive, but are intended to guide the inspector in assessing major safety areas. Be sure to list deficiencies that are found that are not included on the checklists.

Upon receipt of self-inspection reports, the Environment, Health and Safety Office staff will review them to determine if any follow up is needed. Any serious safety problems should be reported to the Environment, Health and Safety Office for immediate response and evaluation.
If you have any questions regarding the checklists or findings, call the Environment, Health and Safety Office for assistance at 919-962-5507.
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