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A work unit is a subdivision of a department in which the employees are involved in a common function(s). The work unit has a supervisor or manager that is responsible for the operations, including safety, of the unit. Although a work unit may be involved in more than one work environment, the safety issues and training requirements will be considered for the entire unit, i.e., the work unit will not be further subdivided into the work environment categories into which departments are subdivided.

Environment, Health and Safety Liaisons

Each work unit is to have a work unit environment, health and safety liaison (WUHSL) to serve as the contact for environment, health and safety matters within the work unit. The Human Resources Facilitator of each department will be designated as the WUHSL for the Office Environment Work Unit for the department unless the department head assigns this responsibility to another staff person. For large departments, or departments with office work units in satellite locations, a WUHSL may be appointed for each location.

In the Laboratory Environment, the Principal Investigator is responsible for laboratory activity and designates a safety supervisor if appropriate.

Unless otherwise specified, the clinic manager will be the WUHSL for work units in the Clinic Environment.

Unless otherwise specified, the shop supervisor will be the WUHSL for work units in the Industrial, Maintenance, and Construction Environment.

Unless otherwise specified, the manager or shift supervisor will be the WUHSL for work units in the Support Services Environment.

The University’s Environment, Health and Safety Manual is accessible to all employees.

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