This section has been reviewed and updated as needed: April 2014

The State Workplace Safety Program requires Environment, Health and Safety Office review of hazardous materials and selected safety-related equipment and supplies. The purpose of the review is:

  1. Assure that specifications for applicable safety design features are considered when purchasing equipment and machinery
  2. Regulate the storage and use of highly toxic, carcinogenic, explosive or reactive chemicals
  3. Assure proper design specifications for equipment used for safety, health protection, and fire prevention and protection purposes
The following items require review and approval by the Environment, Health and Safety Office prior to submission of a purchase order:

  1. Radioactive materials (UNC BM, MSD Section, Policy 47 & Procedure 26)
  2. Radiation producing devices (UNC BM, MSD Section, Policy 46)
  3. *Compressed gases in non-returnable cylinders (except 02 and “inert” gases)
  4. Chemical carcinogens (See UNC Laboratory Safety Manual, Appendix V-A)
  5. *Biological materials requiring Biosafety Level 3 containment (See UNC Biological Safety Manual)
  6. Mobile portable scaffolds
  7. Man lifts
  8. Biological safety cabinets
  9. *Chemicals that exhibit the characteristic of a hazardous waste or are “P-listed” or “U-listed” wastes (See UNC Laboratory Safety Manual, Appendices VIII-A – VIII-C)
  10. Explosives
  11. Lasers
  12. Microwave devices
  13. Industrial trucks

* A Laboratory Safety Plan or a Chemical Safety Plan covering the use and disposal of the restricted items on file with the Environment, Health and Safety Office constitutes approval for purchase.

State General Statute 143-58 provides that purchases not made in accordance with University policies will be the personal responsibility of the individual placing the order (UNC Business Manual, MSD Section, Policy 2).
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