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How you react in the event of fire depends on how well you have prepared for a fire emergency. Therefore, departments should ensure that all employees are familiar with the procedure to follow in the event of an emergency as outlined in the University’s Emergency Plan.
Departments that need a special fire emergency procedure to meet your operations should contact the Fire Safety Section for assistance.

Most departments can follow the basic building evacuation procedure outlined in the ‘Basic Procedure’ tab. The building evacuation procedure for your department should be posted on the office bulletin board.

  1. In the event of an alarm, RACE.
    1. Remove anyone from immediate danger
    2. Activate the building fire alarm system and call 911
    3. Confine the fire by closing all windows and doors
    4. Evacuate, leave the building; Extinguish the fire, if it can be done safely
  2. How to Survive a Building Fire
    1. Crawl If There’s Smoke
    2. Feel Doors Before Opening
    3. Go To The Nearest Exit
    4. Always Use An Exit Stair, Not An Elevator
    5. Close Doors
    6. Use a fire extinguisher if the fire is very small and you know how to use it safely
    7. If you are on fire – Stop, Drop, and Roll
    8. If You Get Trapped
      1. Close the door
      2. Seal cracks
      3. Open the windows if safe
      4. Signal for help and phone 911
      5. Don’t Jump – The fire department will reach you.
  3. If You are Physically Impaired
    1. If you are disabled (even temporarily), you should do the following:
      1. Learn about fire safety.
      2. Plan ahead for fire emergencies.
      3. Be aware of your own capabilities and limitations.
    2. Look for “areas of refuge” like stair enclosures or other side of corridor fire doors. Elevators are not safe during fires. Sometimes it may be safer to stay in your room. Follow the advice for being trapped.
    3. If there is an immediate threat to safety, ask others near you for assistance. If no help is available, seek refuge in a room with a window or stairway. If possible, call “911” to report your location and receive instructions from the Emergency Operator.
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