The University Environment, Health and Safety Office is responsible for inspecting buildings for compliance with the Fire Codes, Life Safety Codes, and the National Electrical Code.
Check appliances and equipment to make sure they are maintained in proper working order. Check electrical cords to make sure they are free from cracks and that the grounding prong is intact. If not, tag them as defective and remove them from service.
Electric space heaters are not permitted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that have a filament that glows “red-hot”. Electric space heaters must also be equipped with an automatic shutoff, in case the heater is accidentally tipped over.
All coffee pots must be equipped with an automatic timer that will shut off the appliance when left unattended. If coffee pots are not equipped with this timer, then replace the coffee pot. Also, all coffee pots must be unplugged at the end of the business day by the last person to leave or their designee.
Check microwave ovens to make sure that instructions are posted to remind users not to put metal of roil in the oven. If instructions are not posted, then post instructions immediately. Be sure to clean the door gasket periodically to prevent the accumulation of material on the door gasket that may cause radiation leakage.
A number of emergency calls that the Environment, Health and Safety Office receives are due to burnt food such as popcorn in cooking appliances. Employees should never leave your food unattended while cooking. This will reduce a number of emergency calls due to nuisance smells in the work area.
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