This section has been reviewed and updated as needed: August 2017


This Policy establishes permissible use of open flame in exterior spaces of the University.

Scope of Applicability

This Policy applies to all exterior open flame activities on University property, whether that person in possession of the open flame or responsible for any open flame is a student, employee, or non-affiliate.

Policy Statement

All members of the University community and other visitors to campus are expected to comply with this Policy to ensure the safety of University property, personal property, and individual health and safety.

All open flames are prohibited in the exterior spaces of the University.


Any UNC employee approved by the required managerial chain and University policies may use open flame devices in the exterior spaces of the University, when such devices are necessary for a work purpose and used subject to all relevant safety procedures.

Outdoor cooking conducted:

  1. In approved University-provided grills in designated University locations with permanent, fixed grills
  2. In portable grills or other flame devices as approved by EHS Fire Safety
  3. As allowed by the University’s tailgating procedures

Any exterior use of open flames by a student organization must be approved in advance by Environment, Health and Safety and the Carolina Union. All requests must be made at least 30 days in advance, or a shorter period of time at the discretion of Environment, Health and Safety and the Carolina Union.

Open Flame
Any candles, torches, butane burners or any other object that incorporates fire
  • The North Carolina Fire Code
  • Chapter 4 of the Environment, Health and Safety Manual: Fire Safety

External Regulations and Consequences

Certain uses of fire may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Policy Contacts

Mary Beth Koza, Director
Department of Environment, Health & Safety
Phone: 919-843-5913

Catherine Brennan, Assistant Director
Department of Environment, Health & Safety
Phone: 919-843-5331

To report an uncontained fire or open flame in violation of this Policy, please contact the University Fire Marshal, Department of Environment, Health and Safety. In an emergency or where open flame appears to present a threat to life or property, please call 911.