This section has been reviewed and updated as needed: April 2014

Initial Supply and Reissue of Equipment

A pair of safety glasses is issued to each student in the first Chemistry laboratory course taken. The students are required to keep this pair of safety glasses for all future Chemistry laboratory courses at UNC. If they lose or break the safety glasses they are required to purchase a replacement pair from the teaching laboratories administrative office.

Face Shields

The Chemistry Department requires that eye protection be worn in laboratories at all times. Face shields must be worn over eye protection when caustic or corrosive chemicals are being handled or used. Chemistry maintains a supply of face shields in each laboratory for general use; thus the number of face shields required is considerably less than the number of safety glasses and splash goggles which are assigned to individuals.

Proper Equipment

Before ordering an initial inventory refer to Chapter Five: Eye and Face Protection to determine the appropriate types of devices for your laboratory.


If you have any questions, call the Environment, Health and Safety Office for assistance (919-962-5507).

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