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Fitted Glasses

Safety glasses which are professionally measured and fitted to the individual are recommended for permanent employees whose job duties require frequent eye protection. These specially fitted glasses are available through the Eye Care Center and the North Carolina Department of Corrections.

Procedure Description

Arrangements have been made with local opticians to provide fitting services for prescription and non-prescription safety glasses. These services are coordinated by the Environment, Health and Safety Office. Requests for these services must be made through the Environment, Health and Safety Office and not directly to the optician.

Procedure Steps

Notify your departmental contact

Notify your departmental contact to set up an appointment for your fitted glasses. If you do not know who your departmental contact is, you can call 919-962-5507 for the information of the person assigned to your department. If your department does not have a departmental contact, one will need to be assigned by the department. This departmental contact would call EHS to set up the appointment for the employee and process the electronic journal entry to reimburse EHS for the cost associated with the fitted glasses.

If prescription glasses are required, the employee will need a current prescription (less than one year). Prescriptions cannot be copied from current prescription eyewear. Scheduling and payment of eye examinations are the employee’s responsibility.

When the departmental contact calls for service, the Environment, Health and Safety Office will determine the availability of appointment times.

Prescription and non-prescription safety glasses must be ordered and will usually be available about 4-6 weeks after the fitting.

Non-prescription safety glasses, goggles and shields may be obtained at UNC Scientific Storeroom (919-966-1671) and Grainger (919-790-9341).

Reimbursing Environment, Health and Safety for costs associated with Prescription Safety Glasses

Upon receipt of the monthly statements from the Eye Care Center and the North Carolina Department of Corrections, EHS will create a journal entry to transfer charges to departments electronically.

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