Under the terms of the University’s authorizations to use radiation sources, EHS is charged with maintaining portal-to-portal surveillance of all radiation sources on the campus. In order to facilitate this surveillance and to insure that a high awareness of the rules and regulations governing the safe use of radiation sources is maintained, it is required that certain records and reference materials be maintained. These records and reference materials are the responsibility of the Authorized User, who is required to keep the material current and to make it readily available to laboratory workers, EHS, and the North Carolina Radiation Protection Section. It is recommended that a notebook be maintained with the required information. Records are to be maintained by the Authorized User for a period of three years unless advised otherwise.

These records and references include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The University’s current Radiation Safety Manual. All other versions must be discarded
  2. Copies of the Authorized User’s License and Application to Use Radiation Sources. All license amendments must be maintained.
  3. Radioactive Materials Inventory Record forms (also called Daily Inventory form)
  4. Monthly Radioactive Material Inventory Records (as generated by the Online Radioactive Material Inventory)
  5. Radiation and contamination surveys performed by the Authorized User and EHS
  6. Radioactive Waste Disposal records
  7. Lab / Radiation Worker Registration forms
  8. UNC-CH Conceptus Dose Policy