Any shipment of radioactive materials from the University must be in full compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and/or North Carolina requirements. These regulations are constantly changing. EHS maintains current copies, and the staff is trained and knowledgeable in their applications. Any person planning to ship radioactive material should contact the Radiation Safety Office for shipping and packaging requirements prior to any packaging of radioactive material for shipment to insure compliance with the regulations. All shipments of radioactive material from the University are to be inspected by “Hazmat trained” personnel from EHS prior to shipment.


  1. Shipments may be made only to persons who are licensed to receive radioactive materials and in accordance with procedures established by such persons.
  2. Prior to making a shipment of radioactive materials, a copy of the recipient’s license must be on file in EHS.
  3. Shipments must be arranged to be in accordance with the recipient’s procedures for receiving radioactive materials.
  4. All aspects of the shipment (container, packaging, labeling, surveys, shipping papers, etc.) must be in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation requirements.
  5. Radiation Safety shall make final inspection, survey and approval of all outgoing radioactive shipments. Please contact Radiation Safety in advance of any shipment so appropriate arrangements can be made.

Shipping Assistance

Please contact EHS at 919-962-5507, at least 24 hours prior to shipment to insure adequate time for inspection and paperwork preparation.

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