Projects involving administration of radionuclides to animals require information on specific arrangements for housing the animals during the project. Information required includes:

  1. The kind and number of animals to be used in the study
    (# per experiment + total # of experiments).
  2. The radionuclide to be administered per animal and how administered.
  3. The ultimate fate of the animal and suspected excretion rate of the radionuclide.
  4. Instructions for handling and monitoring of the animals and proposed method of disposal of the animal and excreta. These instructions shall be posted in the animal housing area.

If the total amount of administered nuclide per experiment exceeds the quantity found in the N.C. Regulations for Protection Against Radiation, Exempt Quantities Table, then the animals must be housed in areas designed for hazardous materials as assigned by the Director of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM). Special handling instructions are to be forwarded to the animal care personnel and posted prior to administering the radionuclide to the animals.

If the total amount of administered nuclide per experiment is less than the quantity posted in the Exempt Quantities Table, then arrangements can be made to house the animals in any area approved by the Director of Laboratory Animal Medicine and the Radiation Safety Officer. Such low-level studies may be conducted in approved laboratories when the animal survival time does not exceed 12 hours. Longer survival times require Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) housing. A “Use of Radioactive Materials in Laboratory Animals” Form (this form is accessed through the ACAP web application) must be submitted to and approved by the EHS before space can be assigned in the DLAM isolation facilities.

Specific Requirements

  1. Cages or isolation units are to be designated as radioactive use areas.
  2. Bedding and excrement are to be collected as radioactive waste. Contact the Hazardous Waste Section in the EHS, for waste packaging information.
  3. Cages are to be cleaned and surveyed at the end of each individual experiment. Survey records are to be maintained by the Authorized User.
  4. The DLAM must be notified of the need for cages to be used in studies with radionuclides. Contact DLAM for assistance.
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