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Emergency Evacuation Plan

  1. Keep 36”-44” clearances in exit passageways at all times. Exits are generally identified by lighted EXIT signs.
  2. Provide 3 feet clearance safety zone around all electrical equipment and fire protection devices such as alarm pull stations, alarm strobes, and extinguishers.
  3. Designate two outside assembly evacuation points that are at least 50’ from the building and that do not cross a road.
  4. Specify Areas of Rescue Assistance in stairwells or lobbies by mounting signs.
  5. Prepare an Urban Emergency Evacuation Kit for work.
  6. However, if during evacuation, you determine egress is not possible, stay low, use some type of damp cloth or clothing to wrap around your face to reduce smoke inhalation.
  7. Seek out a window to signal for help.
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