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Emergency Assembly Point

  1. Sweep through your assigned area to alert occupants to evacuate, or to ensure they are leaving the building.
  2. Gather information from Emergency Coordinators/Monitors to provide to emergency command.
  3. Close all doors, and shut off pertinent processes to stop the spread of fire.
  4. Help employees who require assistance or who can’t use stairs to wait in stairwells or Areas of Rescue Assistance. In stairwells, post signage of “Places of Rescue Assistance” for employees who require assistance.
  5. If you encounter smoke, drop down to the floor and stay low until you reach the exit.
  6. Always use stairs. Never use the elevator because power could be lost, trapping you on the floor of the fire.
  7. Report to Emergency Command (Fire Department Chief or Campus Police) any findings such as number of evacuees, if people are left in the building, or if there is a dangerous process or dangerous condition existing in the building other than current event.
  8. Assist incoming emergency personnel or provide an escort to source of problem if not a danger to life or health.
  9. Communicate with Facilities Services or Department personnel about problem or clean-up.
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