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The Fire Safety Team at UNC does more than just fire drills, fire alarm tests, and fire extinguisher maintenance! Did you know:

EHS Emergency Response Team
Fire Safety actively participates in the EHS Emergency Response Team. The ERT responds to chemical spills, suspicious odors, and other emergencies on campus.
Fire Safety is a part of every major University event on campus, from Carolina football and basketball to FallFest (pictured).
Air Operations
Fire Safety serves across the state, not just in Chapel Hill. We are responsible for facilities and employees ranging from Canton in the west (UNC-TV) to Morehead City in the east (Institute for Marine Sciences). Pictured here are staff from UNC’s Air Operations group located at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.
UNC Fire Safety Fair
Fire Safety conducts fire extinguisher training for over a thousand students, faculty, and staff each year, including at the UNC Week of Welcome and the UNC Fire Safety Fair (pictured).

Interested in joining the Fire Safety team as an emergency coordinator? Contact Kitty Lynn ( for more information!

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